Value-added services in the entire value chain

We employ a proven commercial approach to generating value through each step of the value chain. Our customised services are based on a solid understanding of the business objectives and strategies of our business partners and of the market opportunities available to them. Our objective is continuously to develop and improve our services while maintaining a focus on cost efficiency and in-market execution.


Why partner with us?

We deliver the benefits of being connected and acting with local market insights.

We understand the pressures of getting your products to the market on time, safely and efficiently. Our focus is what's best for you. All brands are unique and every situation special. We assess the most suitable route to market and consumer for your brands, so that we can suggest and provide the most optimal solution for you. 

We can provide everything from full or partial aspects of the value chain - tailored to your specific needs. We pride ourselves in optimization of flow of goods from manufacturer to every distribution channel, be it grocery retail, convenience, food service, on premise consumption, travel retail etc.

Sharing ambition and transparent objectives as key to a potential partnership. We know we can deliver! 

Your Challenges > Our Contributions

Market expansion

"We want to expand our brand into new markets yet we do not have enough local market knowledge as well as having no existing contacts to relevant retailers."

  • Unique local market knowledge.
  • Excellent access to the trade.
  • Passionate people with high levels of brand commitment.
  • Expertise in managing international brands.
  • Transparent strategic partnership.


"We want to expand our existing business, which we have managed ourselves so far, especially by increasing our cost efficiency and profitability."

  • We make your fixed costs flexible.
  • High quality back office with low expenses.
  • Cost-efficient technologies and infrastructures.
  • Cost and know-how synergies in all aspects due to our size.


"We want to considerably boost our power of impact in the market, however due to our size we are limited in out choice of means."

  • Result-oriented sales organisation with maximum sales push.
  • Strong local market expertise.
  • Expertise in activating brands at POS.
  • High reputation in the market.
  • Qualified sales force with countrywide presence.

Conaxess Trade is characterised by

  • Its unique European network,
  • specialised value-added services and customised distribution solutions,
  • professional marketing and category management teams in close contact with our business partners
  • key account teams with proven negotiation skills, who have established access to local trading partners
  • results-oriented, customer-focused sales teams
  • efficient, cost-effective back office functions and processes
  • ambitious, skilled and enthusiastic employees

As your reliable partner we provide the most professional route to market with maximum value-added services while you are able to focus on your core competencies and markets as well as enhance your sales and profitability.

Market Coverage

Leveraging our extensive access to the trade for maximum results

Our strong market presence is based on a sound knowledge of regional and local market conditions, as well as close relationships with the all major distribution channels. We aim at covering all major categories enabling us to identify and exploit opportunities for growth for our business partners. 

Represented Brands

Sustainable success through long term partnerships are the base of our proven track record in all of our local markets. We are proud to have been chosen as the “Route to Consumer” and as a strategic partner to manage a long line of well-known and market-leading brands.

The following sections present a selection of some of the brands we are proud to represent in one or more of our markets and sales channels. These lists are not exhaustive and serve as short outline of our overall scope of business. If you want to find out more about local representations, please get in touch with our local teams.

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