Brand of the Month, Finland: Old El Paso

Old El Paso offers a variety of Mexican flavors for our meals. Is there anything better than sharing a meal with your family and friends!

The history of Old El Paso products extends from the first encounter of the Native Americans and Spaniards. At that time, the Native American diet was inspired by Spanish influences, and the result were dishes now called Mexican food. The history of the Old El Paso brand dates back to 1916, when the Powell family of New Mexico began to can tomatoes, surface beans, beans and other vegetables they grew in Deming.

The Old El Paso trademark was registered in 1952 and today it is owned by General Mills. General Mills’ operations are strongly guided by community support and sustainability values.

Both the history and location right by the Mexican border ensure Old El Paso knows how Mexican food should taste. A recent Finnish consumer blind test of wheat tortillas showed that as many as 62% of the respondents chose Old El Paso as their favorite, and the reasons were clear: taste and texture. (10/2019 Supercrush Oy & Foodwest Oy)

The Old El Paso range covers all the components of a proper Mexican meal. Tortillas are available in numerous variations from soft boat-like to the very popular gluten-free tortilla. Old El Paso Gluten Free Tortilla tastes good – thanks to an innovative recipe, its taste and texture are close to the usual wheat tortilla. Tortillas, together with Old El Paso sauces and spice mixes help each of us prepare a delicious Mexican dinner.

All Old El Paso products are driven by high quality and originality. Or did you already know that all Old El Paso chips are made with respect to the original recipe, with boiling whole corn grains, without any corn flour. They are also naturally gluten-free and suitable for most of us.

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