Health and sustainability, one sip at a time!

Aqua Nobel makes sustainably sourced water in an earth-friendly carton. Aqua Nobel’s collects its water from its underground spring in southern Sweden. Here the water naturally filters through the various ground layers for centuries. Ultimately, it means you get water containing essential minerals and a naturally occurring pH of 8.2.

Aqua Nobel Alkaline Water naturally filters for several decades.

Aqua Nobel’s spring is at a depth of 105m (330ft). Because of the depth, the water takes close to 100 years to travel from the surface to the source. It goes through sandstone, moraine, slate and gneiss before reaching the source. During this process, valuable minerals and nutrients are naturally added to the water. And it is also here the pH reaches 8.2.

Aqua Nobel’s innovative, earth-friendly packaging

Aqua Nobel package their water in Tetra Paks latest, most innovative carton: the Tetra Prisma. As a result, the water comes in a carton made up of 78% renewable material and is 100% recyclable.

The sustainable paper in the carton comes from FSC forests. And most of the plastic is made from sugar cane in the south-eastern part of Brazil. This part of Brazil is far away from the rainforest. This  means the sugar cane doesn’t add to deforestation. 

The packaging makes it easy to bring a bottle of Aqua Nobel along. And with many different flavours to try, there is always a good reason to bring along an Aqua Nobel.