The home baker. The gluten intolerant. The food lover. The picky one. The health guru. The cake monster. The breakfast lover. Or the convenience lover. Whoever you are, we have food which’ll be right for you.

A family owned mill
Finax’s journey started in Helsingborg in 1973, when the brothers Leif and Rolf Abdon started building one of the world’s first fully automated mills for flour. Since the beginning the Abdon brothers have been driven by the passion for entrepreneurship and food and developed exciting and innovate products using plant-based ingredients.

Sweden’s first müsli
Pioneership and innovation also define Finax. During a journey to Switzerland in 1978 müsli was prepared for breakfast. The year after Finax launched Sunt & Gott, the first ever Swedish müsli. Sunt & Gott was an immediate success and is still one of the most sold müslis in Sweden.

Gluten-free for everyone
A couple of years later Finax started manufacturing a gluten-free range in Sweden. Today the brand is one of the market leaders in the Swedish market and internationally.

Good gut feeling today and tomorrow

Finax are continuing their journey into the future. They want to contribute to better health for future generations by offering plant-based food to everyone. That’s why they only manufacture products they would give to their own children. So that everyone can live with a good gut feeling. Both today and for future


Finax is a part of Abdon Food, one of the Nordics most reliable producers of cereals and plant-based products. They process cereals into healthy foods, which are good for both the body and the planet. Their promise is simple: “We only make products that we’d give our own children. We call it a good gut feeling.”