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Impress, from Premium Distillers, make ready-to-drink beverages with delicious and fun flavours.


AliasSmith is home to some of the world’s most exquisite and true artisan tequila and beverage brands in the world.


Crafter’s gins, Kingsmill gins, Caribba rums, Vana Tallinn Glögg and Cooler Ready-to-drink from Liviko are now in Denmark

Punch Club

Punch Club make delicious ready to serve and ready to drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails as well as organic gins and vodkas.

Sir Edmond Gin

Sir Edmond Gin is the world's first bourbon vanilla infused gin that's leading to new cocktails and a brand new gin drinking experience.

East London Liquor Company

East London Liquor Company is creating good booze for good people at good prizes and is distributed in Denmark by Conaxess Trade Beverages.

Bornholm Spirits

Bornholm Spirits create unique snaps, vodka and other spirits using clean and organic ingredients on the Danish island Bornholm.

Hernö Gin

The Swedish Hernö Gin is the world's most awarded craft gin producer and is distributed in Denmark by Conaxess Trade Beverages

West Cork

West Cork is one of Ireland’s very few independent whiskey distilleries and was founded in 2004 by three close friends.

Dr Organic

Dr Organic's award winning products, including shampoo, moisturiser and lip balm, are cruelty-free and use at least 70% organic ingredients.