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Jacquet Brossard

Conaxess Food are proud to help the French specialty bread and pastry baker Jacquet Brossard reach consumers.


Enervit make sports gels, bars, drinks and shakes to help everyone achieve within their sport. All Enervit products are made in Italy.


LEIBNIZ stands for crispy-fresh products and has been a family favourite for generations. PiCK UP! is the bar with a difference, a unique combination of high-quality, crispy chocolate and two crunchy biscuits.


Impress, from Premium Distillers, make ready-to-drink beverages with delicious and fun flavours.


AliasSmith is home to some of the world’s most exquisite and true artisan tequila and beverage brands in the world.


Crafter’s gins, Kingsmill gins, Caribba rums, Vana Tallinn Glögg and Cooler Ready-to-drink from Liviko are now in Denmark

Punch Club

Punch Club make delicious ready to serve and ready to drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails as well as organic gins and vodkas.

Sir Edmond Gin

Sir Edmond Gin is the world's first bourbon vanilla infused gin that's leading to new cocktails and a brand new gin drinking experience.