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LoveMade makes all-natural baby meals without additives and preservatives. The meals are 100% organic and contain no added salt or sugar.

Suomen Sillikonttori Oy

Sillikonttori make handcrafted Finnish tasty herring and Baltic herring products with 40 years of know-how. Sillikonttori bring you carefully developed and refined high quality products.


Darbo makes fruit jams and honey for Foodservice, food retail, restaurants and hotels using the highest quality ingredients


Aloba makes 100 % plant-based products, which are produced in Sweden. Their products are free from soy and full of protein


Tilda produces some of the world's favourite high quality rice. Tilda is knows for its exceptionally aromatic rice.


Mezete - an innovative, premium quality, ready to eat food brand creating delicious specialities from the Middle East.


Poppamies has become known particularly for its chili and barbecue products, high quality, and appreciation for food.


BEAR Fruit Rolls contain only fruit, keeping all the natural vitamins, minerals and fiber in. Perfect for lunch boxes and as a healthy snack