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Färsodlarna create 100% plant-based delicious products including mince, kebab "meat", and burgers. It's all vegan, it's all made in Sweden, and all created entirely without artificial ingredients. What's not to like?

Jacquet Brossard

Conaxess Food are proud to help the French specialty bread and pastry baker Jacquet Brossard reach consumers.


LEIBNIZ stands for crispy-fresh products and has been a family favourite for generations. PiCK UP! is the bar with a difference, a unique combination of high-quality, crispy chocolate and two crunchy biscuits.

Sunshine delights

Sunshine delights is on a mission to provide the world with the best soft dried fruits having spent the last 20 years perfecting their fruit

Farmers & Chefs

With Farmers & Chefs, you will find a new plant-based alternative with carefully selected ingredients that make it easy to replace the usual

Bon Cena

Bon Cena provides the most delicious cheeses, meats and other charcuterie to the market. 


Das amerikanische Original "Herr´s" ist nun Teil des Conaxess Trade Austria Portfolios. Herr‘s setzt auf nachhaltiges Handeln mit regionaler Verantwortung, familienzentrierte Werte, und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung.