Conaxess Trade Brings Joy

Conaxess Trade Switzerland supports manufacturers in establishing, growing and developing their brands and products in the Swiss market. Despite optimized processes and precautions, it may happen that some products, especially food, can no longer be sold. To a large extent these products are sent to the charity organization “Tischlein deck dich”.

Setting up your own sales force is costly and challenging. Many manufacturers of food, confectionery, snacks, beverages and near-food products therefore do not have their own distribution in foreign markets, but have their products advertised and distributed by a specialized company. One such distribution company is Conaxess Trade. The group is present in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Austria and Switzerland and represents over 200 international and local brands in these markets. The products are supplied by Conaxess Trade to retailers, convenience channels, cash and carry markets, hotels and restaurants as well as online channels.



Damaged packaging or surpluses

Like any modern company, Conaxess Trade bases its business activities on a foundation of corporate social responsibility, ethical behaviour, and an understanding of their social and environmental responsibilities. The most important goals include the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during transportation of the goods, saving packaging material and avoiding food waste. Conaxess Trade and its partners make every effort to sell food as widely as possible through regular channels.

Exact demand planning, optimized processes or bundled transports contribute to this. For example, manufacturers are trying to extend the shelf life of food with new recipes. Despite all these measures, however, it may happen that high-quality products are no longer saleable. For example, because packaging has been damaged during transport, the remaining shelf life is too low or promotional quantities have been below expectations.



 Cooperation with Tischlein deck dich

These products are passed on by Conaxess Trade: free of charge to employees via an internal collection point, via the “Too Good Too Go” app – and via non-profit organisations such as Tischlein deck dich or Caritas, who distribute food to people affected by poverty. These organizations receive, for example, breakfast products such as cornflakes, snacks, confectionery, ice cream and drinks.

The cooperation between Conaxess Trade and Tischlein deck dich is a success story. The products are provided by Conaxess Trade, picked up as quickly as possible by Tischlein deck dich and then efficiently transported to the drop-off points. “We are pleased that the products are still reaching end consumers,” states Conaxess Trade. «The food is still perfectly edible and brings joy to people after all!»










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