Conaxess Trade inaugurate it’s new headquarter

As of 1st of July 2019, Conaxess Trade’s headquarter got a new address, Stamholmen 151 in Denmark – 15 minutes from the airport and central Copenhagen.

When looking for a new headquarter and home for Conaxess Trade Denmark and Conaxess Trade Beverages, one of the most important search criteria was the office space. We wanted to have a more open space compared to the previous building. At Stamholmen, this was possible.

“The previous headquarter in Buddinge in Denmark was an old domicile building. At Stamholmen, we got a completely renovated office, decorated according to our wishes,” Jacob Schilling (Managing Director, Conaxess Trade Denmark & Group CFO), Torben Bank Jensen (Managing Director, Conaxess Trade Denmark) and Jan Rose (Managing Director Conaxess Trade Beverages) say and continue:

“We want to support the culture of knowledge sharing across employees and teams which this new office enables. All departments are now all located on the same floor which strengthen the internal collaboration. For example, the setup has benefited the strong cooperation between our Marketing and Key Account Management departments.”








Great facilities and location

Stamholmen has a wide range of common facilities we share with the other companies in the building – such as conference rooms, canteen, a café, fitness and lounge areas. The conference facilities in the building are useful for external meetings and internal sales meetings and house meetings for all employees. In the summer, it is possible to sit outside and enjoy the lunch.

“The office space and surroundings were important to us since the work environment is crucial, both regarding performance and the wellbeing of our employees. Additionally, we needed to be located close to the airport since we are an international company were guests are coming from abroad for meetings etc.,” the Managing Directors say.

The conference rooms in our office are named after bridges. We wanted to communicate our company values, our local expertise and our position where we connect brand owners and customers/consumers. To visualize the name of the room, an artist has painted the bridge inside the conference room.


“To encourage knowledge sharing and the social life in the office, we have included an open kitchen and lounge areas suitable for informal meetings and coffee breaks. Further, we made small ‘phone booths’ for calls and conversations. Last but not least, we have a build a bar – here, we can present our beverages products and people can hang out,” the Managing Directors say.



















We are looking forward to welcoming guests at our new headquarter – home for Conaxess Trade Denmark and Conaxess Trade Beverages.

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