Meet an employee: Bernd Nitschmann

Bernd Nitschmann, Business Development Manager/ Head of Sales Force, Conaxess Trade Austria. Has been employed for two years.

Please give a short description of you and your professional experience?

“I started working as a Sales Representative and developed a great interest in marketing too. During this time I gained experience in the Austrian retail landscape, networked with trade partners and studied during working. After some years in marketing I applied as New Business Manager and Head of Sales Force at Conaxess Trade.”

Describe your area of responsibility at Conaxess Trade and main tasks in the department?

“I am always searching for new and interesting brands to enter the Austrian market and develop their potential. Therefore we are monitoring the market, analyzing the brands strengths and weaknesses and help them to overcome market entry barriers. Another responsibility of my job is to manage the field sales force of Conaxess Trade Austria. Together we are providing the best and most efficient field sales service in Austria for our customers due to well thought-out strategies of field work.”

What has been the best so far in your employment?

“Due to my work as a Business Development Manager, I am able to cooperate with international partners and build strong relationships with potential brand owners and business partners. Therefore I can improve my knowledge about the international market conditions.”

What do you value the most about your position?

The constant process of learning, developing and self-actualization.

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