Meet an employee: Gitte Wittenburg Lotz

Gitte Wittenburg Lotz, Business Development Manager. Has worked at Conaxess Trade since February 2019.

Short description of you and your professional experience

“I’m educated from Copenhagen Business School, having an international master as Cand.Merc. in Applied Economics and Finance. My professional experience is a combination of two streams. I’ve worked many years in larger, international FMCG corporations as Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Nestlé and Royal Unibrew in several positions both in Denmark as well as in the Nordics. Additionally, I have also worked several years in Management Consultancy, all together before I joined Conaxess Trade earlier this year.

Every day, I use my tool box which I have achieved and been trained in. It helps me here in the beginning to get new business on board and in the longer run to constantly ensuring a lean new business process.”


Describe your area of responsibility at Conaxess Trade and main task in the department?

“My responsibility is to identify and engage with potential business partners/brand owners. It is my responsibility to handle the dialog, counseling and negotiations from the first point of contact to the final contract signing. Finally, ensure a smooth onboarding of the brand to our fantastic team at Conaxess Trade.

I prepare the pitch presentations and meetings, and the topics depend on the specific brand’s category, current setup in the market – if they are present – sales channels, needed services, and dreams.

A great part of this includes market analysis, price setting and business case evaluation and to present insight that is relevant and valuable to the brand owner. This is the foundation for the final route to market strategy which is customized and tailor-made.

Finally, a partnership requires a mutual fit between the brand owner and us, regarding vision and strategy. We align these from the very beginning – it must be a win-win for both parties.”


What has been the best so far in your employment?

“It has been an exciting journey so far. Part of it has been to understand the structural setup in Conaxess Trade, who we are and how we operate, to be true in my dialogue with new brand owners. We have signed contracts with great brands, and we are having some exciting projects in the pipeline which we are looking forward to presenting, hopefully, very soon.”


What do you value the most about your position?

“Overall, I value to contribute to the development of the company and our brand portfolio.

The Business Development department plays an important part in the expansion of the portfolio. Therefore, we prioritize to operate agile with a strategic value creating focus and it suits me perfectly.

Whether I focus on getting new brands in-house, which I mainly have focused on until now, or to optimize our business processes around this, the purpose will always be to generate more value to the company.”


How does your position contribute to empowering the brands?

“I need to stay ahead of market and consumer trends to have a constructive dialogue with potential brand owners – curiosity and an analytical perspective is crucial in my position. Additionally, I utilize my colleagues’ knowledge about customers, categories and the local market. For me, it is a high priority to present insight that is value creating to the brand in the process of finding a new business partner and define the route to market strategy.

In my position, it is important to have a holistic mindset about our business and how we can contribute to the growth and development of a brand. All departments play a vital part in achieving the goals and objectives and it is my job is to get this message across to brand owners.

Before the contract is signed, we align expectations and responsibilities between the brand owner and us, since this is crucial for the success of the partnership and lays the foundation for the collaboration.”