New Management in Conaxess Trade Group

After four years as Group CEO, Uwe Thellmann will hand over the responsibility to Jens Gjedrem to become CEO Nordics and Rafael Schaer to become CEO Austria / Switzerland. Uwe will continue to support the group as Chairman of the Board for Conaxess Trade.

Jens Gjedrem and Rafael Schaer are both familiar faces in Conaxess Trade having worked as Managing Director of Norway and Sweden and Managing Director for Switzerland and Austria, respectively.

“Conaxess Trade developed very positively during the last year and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as CEO. I now look forward to continuing to support Conaxess as Chairman of the Board knowing the company is in great hands.” – Uwe Thellmann

The appointment of Jens Gjedrem and Rafael Schaer as CEOs means that Conaxess Trade will continue to build on its strong position as the leading Marketing, Sales and Distribution company in Europe. Jens and Rafael bring with them a combined 35 years of experience in Consumer Goods and a thorough understanding of the company and the business development for our brand owners and customers.

“I look forward to working more closely with my Nordic colleagues, where we will use the similarities and differences between the countries to build an even stronger foundation that our brand owners and customers can always rely on.” – Jens Gjedrem

“Conaxess Trade Austria and Conaxess Trade Switzerland are already on a path of growth. I am excited to continue that together with our brand owners, customers and teams. We will continue to pave the way for distribution of fast moving consumer goods.” – Rafael Schaer

Jens and Rafael will work closely together to ensure that every brand that Conaxess Trade represents reaches its full potential whether that is in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria or Switzerland. We are excited about the future with Jens and Rafael at the helm.

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