Turaco GmbH and Conaxess Switzerland are happy to announce a new partnership

The Swiss Company Turaco and Conaxess Trade Switzerland agreed on new collaboration.

As of 1st of June 2019, the Swiss Company Turaco and Conaxess Trade Switzerland begin a new collaboration. Turaco products with CBD and on the way to gain distribution in the Swiss Retail. Conaxess Trade will support them building distribution and supply Swiss retail customers.

“We have been looking for a new partner to do the Key Account Management and Supply Chain to push our products in Switzerland. We are very happy that we have found it. We know Conaxess Trade will deliver what they promised.”

– Kevin Huber, one of the Founder of Turaco.

“We strongly believe in the product portfolio of Turaco. Build on their strength in Key Account Management it is for us a pleasure to build distribution in the Swiss retail for the fantastic product portfolio of Turaco.”

– Rafael Schaer, CEO Conaxess Trade Switzerland.


About Turaco
It is said that the TURACO is the happiest bird on earth. He is known for his unsurpassable ”Joie de vivre” and healthy lifestyle. He discovered the hemp plant already thousands of years ago and mainly feeds its seeds. The valuable ingredients he consumes daily, help him to get up full of enthusiasm and free of pain, master his strict daily routine more focused and fall asleep calmly and stress-free.

At TURACO, we want to follow our flagship and bring the benefits of the hemp plant closer to the people.

With utmost care, we process high-quality raw goods to unparalleled products at our production site in Langendorf in the canton of Solothurn. We are proud to have found a reliable partner in the VBO Cooperation. Our machines are run by physically and/or mentally impaired humans who finish our creations with heart and passion.

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