Empowering brands in the Austrian market.

Your local route to market partner in Austria

At Conaxess Trade Austria, we empower the brands we collaborate with. This is a great motivation for all employees, and together we unleash the potential of well-known brands in the Austrian market. 

As your local business partner, we customize your route to market solutions in Austria. We can provide tailor-made business models and services to your brand. By monitoring and reporting about local market developments, we provide brands with local expertise and insights about the Austrian market. We are working towards are shared goal of exploiting brands’ full potential. At Conaxess Trade Austria, we have a strong network and unique access across all major distribution channels. Our portfolio includes both food, non-food, confectionery and beverages brands.

Ared Strasse 29/2/223
2544 Leobersdorf


+43 2256 620 99

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Our marketing team’s most important task is to develop and live market strategies for our brands. We are developing Consumer and Trade Marketing campaigns, on- and offline depending on target groups and business objectives. As your local expert, we are constantly seeking for new opportunities in the market by making on-going market analysis for the different categories, and by monitoring and reporting on market developments. Making brands grow requires, identification and adaptation to trends and changes in the market.

Our Key Account Managers and Sales force ensure our broad coverage of the major distribution channels, and they provide brands with unique access to trade. Our Key Account Managers build bridges between our two important stakeholders: brands owners and customers. Their great negotiation skills and close relationships with customers are crucial for the many brands, we collaborate with. The Key Account Management creates value to the customers by being the effective gatekeeper – they have the experience and insights to advise and collaborate with customers about what performance to expect from brands and products.

Conaxess Trade’s countrywide sales forces are our strong muscle – it is flexible and agile. We enable an effective execution of campaigns or market entries and optimal point-of-sales appearance. Their commitment, professionalism and the frequency of visits strengthen our relationship and network with customers in the local stores, shops etc. The sales force is valuable to the customers since they help maintaining the shopping areas dynamic and inspiring; which catalyzes the sales growth and consumer satisfaction. Our salesmen are experts in managing a strong portfolio – including both international and local brands with different strategies – which is essential in the collaboration with customers.

Conaxess Trade offers customized warehouse and logistic solutions to brand owners. We control every step of the process and we handle your brand very carefully. We guarantee smooth distribution and delivery.

The quality level is high, and our dedicated warehouse team takes good care of the goods in stock – trust and transparency are the keywords.

In line with our tailor-made route to market solutions, our warehouse and logistic service is flexible and can meet many different demands from brand owners. Due to our warehouse setup, we can upscale and downscale. Additionally, we are flexible in terms of seasonal changes and when new brands are added to the portfolio.

We collaborate closely with the purchase, sales and marketing department, especially regarding reporting and forecast planning.

Due to our yearlong presence in the Austrian market, we can provide brand owners easy access to the Austrian market. Our networks across all major distribution channels are strong: from retail to convenience, pharmacies, e-commerce and cash & carry.

Combined with our unique network across sales channels, Conaxess Trade Austria has a strong voice and negotiation power, which brand owners benefit from. Additionally, our complete portfolio creates value for our Austrian customers.


In Austria, we have built a very strong portfolio and proudly represent more than 40 ambitious brands across categories such as food, non-food, confectionery and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages.


Claudio Christen

CEO Schweiz & Österreich

Zeqir Kryeziu

CFO Switzerland & Austria

Reinhard Mülleder

Commercial Director

Kert Dietmar

Head of Field Sales Force

Ownership structure

Conaxess Trade Austria is a part of Conaxess Trade Group, which is owned by German investment group, Aurelius. The Conaxess Trade Group was acquired from Valora Trade by Aurelius on January 1, 2016. Aurelius is one of the leading European investment groups, acquiring participations with development potential. Having Aurelius as official owner, we have the benefit of constantly developing our potential as part of the group’s long-term strategy. Uwe Thellmann from Aurelius is Chairman of the Board of Conaxess Trade Group.