Thanks to our competent employees,
we are empowering brands.

We love brands

Can you imagine yourself being a part of a dedicated organization whose greatest responsibility is to create value for both brands owners, customers and consumers? Then please, do read on.

As one of the leading Marketing, Sales and Distribution companies in Europe, we empower brands. At Conaxess Trade you become a part of a passionate and supportive team working towards a shared vision of being the trusted local route to market partner who is growing and developing brands.

Our commitment to unleash the potential of the world’s most ambitious brands is a strong motivation for the employees of Conaxess Trade. Working with ambitious brands requires equally ambitious people, and we expect you to share our desire and eagerness in bringing brands and consumers together.

We continuously identify and adapt to local market trends and needs which necessitates dedication, experience and a curious mind. If this is you, we would be delighted to receive your application for a job at Conaxess Trade. In return, we promise personal growth, development and responsibility.

Interested in joining the team?

At Conaxess Trade, we manage the entire value chain and employ many different professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds – from Sales Consultants and Brand Managers, to Controllers and Sales Supporters. This opens up for a lot of exciting career opportunities within the company.

We are always looking to strengthen our workforce, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to be part of our skilled team.


Are you interested in joining the team in one of our countries?

Conaxess Trade Denmark

Conaxess Trade’s Headquater is located in Denmark, and in total, more than 160 employees empower brands in the Danish market.

Conaxess Trade Finland

Become a member of the Finnish team. Conaxess Trade Finland employs 49 employees, are you our next talent?

Conaxess Trade Sweden

Conaxess Trade Sweden is one of the leading distributors in Sweden, employing more than 90 people. Are you interested in joining the Swedish team?

Conaxess Trade Norway

Are you the next employee at Conaxess Trade Norway? Join our 43 other talents in Norway.


In Austria, we are 30 dedicated employees empowering brands in our local market. Are you interested in joining us?


At Conaxess Trade Switzerland, we are 80 employees working with both national and international brands. We are always looking for new talents.


Reach out to one of our local HR Managers.

Minna Väisälä

minna.vaisala@conaxesstrade.com / +358 (0)207 411 220

Conaxess Trade Finland

Tina Molter Pedersen

tina.molter.pedersen@conaxesstrade.com / +45 44 57 58 59

Conaxess Trade Denmark

Louise Bergström

Louise.Bergstrom@conaxesstrade.com / +46 08-725 14 00

Conaxess Trade Sweden


job.at@conaxesstrade.com / +43 2256 620 99

Conaxess Trade Austria

Chiara Wenk

Chiara.Wenk@conaxesstrade.com / +41 62 531 37 17

Conaxess Trade Switzerland

Monica Victoria Lerheim

mvli@emh.no / +47 22 13 26 00

Conaxess Trade Norway