For more than 60 years, we have empowered brands in our local markets, and built a strong portfolio each brand benefits to be a part of.


Dive into the inspiring and impressive world of brands in the Conaxess Trade portfolio.

Our employees are your loyal & enthusiastic brand ambassadors 

We love brands, and we are proud to represent the world’s most ambitious ones – creating growth and development through long-termed partnerships and mutual commitment.

Conaxess Trade has a proven track record as the route to market partner within categories such as: Food, non/near food, confectionery and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. From large, international market leaders to up-coming, local brands; our portfolio embraces a wide spectrum.

Brand owners will benefit from our strong portfolio, because it gives us an advantage when it comes to negotiating on their behalf and creating local awareness. Customers will experience collaboration with us as effective and efficient, because of the hugely diverse brand portfolio and the following offers they get access to.

In each category, we serve the brands across distribution channels, depending on the specific route to market strategies.

Join the world’s most ambitious brands

Is your brand a food, non-food, confectionery or beverages brand? Conaxess Trade is here to support your business plan every step of the way.

We provide brands in each category a customized route to market solution, based on each brand’s specific needs and ambitions.