Make use of our market knowledge

Your situation and ambitions:

We want to expand our brand into new markets, yet we do not have enough local market knowledge or no existing contacts to relevant retailers.”

Your solution and results:

We set in to motion our unique local market knowledge and insights, which are crucial when entering new, unexplored markets. What works in one market, does not by default work elsewhere.

Due to our strong network and excellent access to local businesses, your coverage and market share is maximised from an early stage.

Our passionate employees have a high level of brand commitment, thus, supporting you as local brand ambassadors.

We have proven expertise in managing international brands, and combined with up-to-date market insights and organizational dedication, your market entry will have the best conditions to succeed.

How we approach a partnership:

1. YOUR SITUATION: We analyse and evaluate the current route-to-market situation, the potential your brand has and the challenges it is facing.

2. YOUR AMBITIONS: Taking into account the current market situation, we align ambitions, needs, expectations and dreams. And we agree on business objectives.

3. YOUR SOLUTION: We create a customised route-to-market solution for your specific brand and needs, based on our local market insights, expertise and network.

4. YOUR RESULTS: We execute the plan smoothly and ensure a successful implementation in the market – optimising your brand’s growth and development.