Whether you love liquorish or lollypops, chewing gum or chocolate, our confectionery portfolio will put you in a sweet mood.

The confectionery brands we collaborate with sugarcoat consumers’ lives into sweet bliss, create fun and happy memories and transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Simply hearing the name of our well known brands will place you in a dreamy state of sensing quality chocolate melt in your mouth, the freshness of minty mints, or the chewiness of soft candy. Get your daily sugar rush here!

We empower confectionery brands

Chocolate, chewing gum, liquorish, lollypops and the list continues. Does your confectionery brand need a boost, help to enter a new market or distribution channel? Then, let Conaxess Trade be the solution. Our business development team is ready to start the dialogue about how we can take your confectionery brand to the next level.