In Conaxess Trade we do business in line with all applicable laws and regulations.

We wish to act from principles of openness and honesty, including the opportunity for employees and business partners to express themselves about any misconduct in the business. With a whistleblower procedure Conaxess Trade makes it possible for any suspicion of gross misconduct or illegalities to be reported.

Conaxess Trade’s whistleblower scheme provides an opportunity to anonymously send information about gross misconduct within the company. It can be used by employees, business partners and employees in partner companies, who have information about gross misconduct within Conaxess Trade.

Gross misconduct includes, but is not limited to, criminal offences, serious or repeated violations of the law, serious personal conflicts in the workplace or deliberate misrepresentation of business partners.

The whistleblower scheme is a supplement to the direct and daily contact within Conaxess Trade about mistakes and unsatisfactory conditions. For partners, the conduct is a supplement to their direct communication with a point of contact or management.

The whistleblower is anonymous, and the report is sent via a third party to Conaxess Trade Group’s Board of Directors. We recommend providing your contact details, as it will ease the process of investigating the matter. All inquiries are treated in strict confidence and the report runs separately from Conaxess Trade’s IT systems. Therefore, IP addresses or other data that can identify the sender cannot be traced. We also have a process in place for all data to be deleted after a reasonable period.

You can report information through the form below.