Brand of the month, Austria: N!CK’S

Our brand of the month is N!CK’s. But what is N!CK’s and who is behind the brand?

One day, a man called Niclas Luthman’s from Sweden nearly became a diabetic. However, he found out about a healthy lifestyle and the bad eating habits should soon be a thing of the past.

After successfully changing his lifestyle, he still felt a strong desire for the sweet pleasures of life.

He did not want to do it without the taste of chocolate, and he refined various recipes from which ultimately the delicious bars Coconut, Peanuts n’Fudge and Kex were born.

The brand and the sugar-shy bars are named after Niclas Luthman’s nickname, “Nick”.

Today, the N!CK’s product range extends far beyond bars – to baking ingredients, protein bars and ice cream. A lot has happened since the company was founded in 2017 and thanks to a team of experienced nutritionists, the pipeline is filled with new ideas and innovations. The products of N!CK’s are characterized by their distinctive taste, the absence of palm oil, gluten and artificial sweeteners.

The sweetness is obtained exclusively from natural sources such as the stevia plant, pears and plums, and corn kernels. Therefore, the brand appeals especially to people with increased health and fitness awareness and diabetics.

We are proud of working with a revolutionary brand like N!CK’s and are happy about the great success of the Swedish company.


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