Product launch: Sun Lolly smoothie

Sun Lolly is known and loved for the unique, triangular and fun home freeze ice, and is the leading home freeze ice in the Nordics. Sun Lolly is making everyday smiles bigger since 1979 with its refreshing and fruity products.

The traditional Danish Sun Lolly ice lollies for home freezing were launched 2017 in Finland and took a market leadership only in one year. Sun Lolly has many delicious fruity flavors in the market: Raspberry, Strawberry, Cola, Peach, Lemon and Orange. Dairy-based Sun Lolly Creamy was launched in the spring of 2019. Creamy is a delicious home freeze alternative to traditional ice cream. Like Sun Lolly ice, Creamy is all about delicious joyful indulgence in every bite. They are convenient to buy, transport and store.

Now Sun Lolly launches two delicious smoothie flavours: Orange & Mango and Strawberry & Banana.

Sun Lolly smoothies contain 100% fruit and do not contain any preservatives, artificial sweeteners & flavors. The high-quality products are easy to consume with a straw without squeezing. The smoothies are a perfect refreshing on-the-go snack for children as well as adults. Each box contains 4 smoothies of 180 ml and can be stored at room temperature. The core target group is families with children age 3-10 years old. The visual identity is colorful and fun like in Sun Lolly ice lollies. The Sun Lolly smoothies can be found in the stores from April 2020.

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