Conaxess Trade Austria and Wiener Blut enter a new partnership

We’re happy to announce that Conaxess Trade Austria is distributing the local brand Wiener Blut in Austrian retail.

With immediate effect Conaxess Trade Austria is starting a partnership with the Austrian brand Wiener Blut.  The Viennese company will use Conaxess Trade’s key account management, marketing, sales service, logistics as well as field service team for the cooperation. Conaxess Trade’s focus will be to expand the distribution of the brand in the classic grocery retail.

About Wiener Blut

The brand Wiener Blut is producing high-quality, handmade gin from Austria. Entrepreneur & inventor of the brand, Rudolf Buzasi, has 45 years of experience in gastronomy and has been running the gin & wine bar Wiener Blut at the Naschmarkt for 16 years. This bar is also considered the birthplace of Wiener Blut Gin, which is dedicated to THE Viennese cult musician of the 80s:

“This gin is a tribute to my old friend Hansi Hölzl aka Falco.“

Rudolf Buzasi, Inventor of Wiener Blut


Buzasi knows exactly how a perfect gin should taste due to his long experience in gastronomy. He has perfected the liquor formula in the product “Wiener Blut – Der Gin”: it contains a light flavor note of juniper; kumquats & orange provide the fresh, sweet, summery aroma; black pepper rounds off the gin with its ethereal complexity. A MUST for every gin lover!


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