Breezer Lemon Lite

This month’s Brand of the Month is Breezer Lemon Lite, which was launched in the Danish market at the beginning of the summer. Breezer Lemon Lite appeals to the current trend in the food and drinks market where there is an increased focus on reduced sugar and calories in products, but still the same great flavor we’re used to. Breezer Lemon Lite is a natural line extension of Breezer’s current portfolio.

Conaxess Trade Beverages has been responsible for putting Breezer Lemon Lite into the Danish market, and the new variant can now be found countrywide. Breezer Lemon Lite has become a part Conaxess Trade Beverage’s portfolio alongside many other great names (see more here). Breezer Lemon Lite has got off to a flying start on the Danish market, where it stands out from the new Hard Seltzer crowd, which is based on sparkling water with alcohol and flavoring. Breezer Lemon Lite instead brings the traditional Breezer flavor and recipe, simply with less sugar and fewer calories.

You can find Breezer Lemon Lite in shops across Denmark.


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