Chupa Chups in partnership with Linnanmäki

We have started a Chupa Chups partnership with Linnanmäki, which is the most popular amusement park in Finland with approximately 1 million visitors yearly.

The Chupa Chups branded basketball game has already been a huge success after Linnanmäki opened its gates this season on the 4 June, and the player numbers have skyrocketed. The game is a lot of fun with all the basketballs with different Chupa Chups “flavours” and colourful play area, and you can win a giant Super Chups lollipop when you get the shot just right!

Chupa Chups is also supporting a great cause with this partnership. For the past decades the Children’s Day Foundation has been maintaining and developing Linnanmäki Amusement Park (opened in 1950) in order to raise funds for child welfare work.

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