Conaxess Trade in 2021

Conaxess Trade is first and foremost a partner to the brands we represent. During 2021 we have supported nearly 300 brands and helped them to achieve their goals, whether that was growth; entering a new market; or getting the most out of a year still affected by the pandemic.

The close working relationships we have with brand owners is part of what makes us the leading marketing, sales and distribution company in the Nordics, Austria and Switzerland. Our relationships means we are able to support our brands in the best ways possible.

A part of our industry that has been hit particularly hard this year is bars and restaurants and thus the brands we work with who are reliant on on-trade for their successes. By upkeeping our strong relationships, we were ready to move by the time they reopened, giving our brand owners and customers a strong position in the market.



Conaxess Trade’s core values include being result-oriented and taking ownership and a big part of achieving that is constant development. We’re always looking to the future, reflecting on the past and using both our predictions and our reflections to make the most of the present.

Our employees and brand owners play a large part in helping us to develop how we engage with each other; grow the brands we represent; and grow our own company. Despite the unpredictable nature of 2021, we have been able to find opportunities, think on our feet and make the most of the possibilities that are out there.

That also includes responding to consumer behaviour by adding more brands to the Lifestyle segment as well as supplying the demands for healthier foods and snacks.

An important moment of 2021 for Conaxess Trade was the acquisition and merger of Movement Group with Conaxess Trade Sweden. We have successfully incorporated the two companies and Conaxess Trade Sweden now has an even stronger footing in the Swedish market and an even bigger salesforce capacity and capability.


Celebrating big and small

This year we have added numerous exciting new brands to our portfolio from up-and-coming brands to household names. We’re continuing to focus on creating synergies in our portfolio, to give us and our brand owners the strongest position on the market. We’re excited to prove to our new brands that they made the right choice, whilst at the same time ensuring that our other brands, some of which have been with us for 50 years, continue to grow and receive the high quality of service they’re used to from us.

These synergies also mean that Conaxess Trade is now the largest distributor of pastilles in Norway and the 3rd largest provider of branded sugar confectionery to the Norwegian market.

At the end of November Conaxess Trade Finland celebrated 60 years of being in business. This is an amazing achievement that has been made possible by the brilliant partnerships we have with our brands owners, through constant development, and because of the expertise we have in the company.

We look forward to continuing to develop and work with our fantastic brand owners, adding more brands to our food, non-food, beverage, and confectionery categories and to seeing what 2022 has in store for us.

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