Teisseire and Conaxess Switzerland agreed on a long-term Partnership

The French Syrup brand Teisseire agreed on a long-term partnership for the Swiss Market.

Teisseire is already existing in the Swiss market and Conaxess Trade will help the French syrup brand to build further distribution in the Swiss market mainly in the Discount and the Food Service channel.

“We are happy to announce the introduction of Mathieu Teisseire brand dedicated to the professionals of OOH market in Transgourmet. This new distribution will be managed by our Swiss local partner, Conaxess Trade. This collaboration might be extended on the other segments of the market in the next months.”
– Philippe Riazantsev / Export manager Central Europe and French Overseas Territories.



Rafael Schaer, CEO Conaxess Trade Switzerland, comments on the partnership:

“Teisseire is a great French syrup brand. They have done already a great job in Switzerland to be present in the market. It’s now the task of Conaxess to further build the brand in Switzerland and increase the visibility and distribution in the market. Conaxess is fully committed to support Teisseire in the Swiss market.”


About Teisseire

Teisseire is a French iconic syrup manufacturer founded 300 years ago and the leading brand on the French market. The head office of Teisseire is located in Crolles (Isère). Teisseire is the inventor of tin syrup in iron called bidon. Teisseire is belonging to the British group Britvic, the biggest dilutes producer worldwide and the official PepsiCo bottler in the UK, since 2010, and present on 80 markets across the world.


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